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DDW 2017 Final Report and Wrap Up

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Speaker Spotlight: Andrew P. Keaveny, MD, FRCPI, FAASLD

Andrew P. Keaveny, MD, FRCPI, FAASLD

Consultant Hepatologist and Medical Director of Liver Transplant, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida; Associate Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science; Chair, AASLD Annual Meeting Education Committee; Member of the AASLD Maintenance of Certification and Scientific Planning Committees


Hospitalized cirrhotic patients present multiple treatment challenges

Patients who are hospitalized with cirrhosis are in trouble. They may have hepatic encephalopathy leading to impaired mentation and possible coma. They may have acute kidney injury that requires a liver transplant. They may have portal hypertension leading to ascites and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. And they may have potentially fatal variceal bleeding.