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ASGE Attendee Spotlight: Sajiv Sethi, MD, MPH

Sajiv Sethi, MD, MPH
Sajiv Sethi, MD, MPH

Sajiv Sethi, MD, MPH
Postgraduate Year Five Gastroenterology Fellow, University of South Florida, Tampa ASGE Diversity Award winner


Detroit, MI

Current Residence:
Tampa, FL

DDW® is celebrating its 50th anniversary. How many of 50 have you attended, and which meeting stands out and why?
This will be my fourth consecutive DDW. I have attended every year since I was a resident, and it’s an annual highlight on my calendar. This is the meeting I’m most excited about, as this is the first time I will be presenting an oral presentationat DDW. I’m excited to have an opportunity to present my research at a world-class meeting.

How has working in the gastroenterology field impacted your life?
Every day I’m thankful to be able to care for my patients. I think we have a unique opportunity to be in a procedural specialty that’s grounded in strong cognitive thinking. The ability to combine the two aspects to provide both preventative andtherapeutic care is my favorite aspect of being a gastroenterologist.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?
Travel and food are my two biggest passions. I love traveling to new countries and cities, meeting the local people and trying new foods. I’m currently two countries short of traveling to 30 countries before I turn 30.

What’s your best piece of advice for navigating DDW?
Take time, explore and expand your horizons. There are so many great speakers and presenters at DDW from all areas of GI. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new, take a new course and be exposed to cutting-edge research.

What’s your favorite thing about San Diego?
It has to be the weather, and the fish tacos are a close second place. I had a great time the last time DDW was in San Diego and expect 2019 to be no different.

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