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DDW® implements new photo policy

DDW® has changed its photo policy to allow photography and social media postings, while also giving presenters an opportunity to opt out.

After lively discussions over the past couple of years, the DDW Council decided to implement a “your data, your choice” photo policy to accommodate diverse audiences and an influx of technology, while respecting presenters’ research. Previously, photography was strictly prohibited.

While photography will be allowed this year, presenters and poster authors can prohibit it by displaying an icon of a camera with red line through it (see image below). If you see that icon in slides or displayed on a poster board, photos are forbidden. Session moderators will confirm presenter preferences and state them with their introductions.

“Everyone has their cell phones with them these days and social media on their phone,” said DDW Council Chair Grace H. Elta, MD, AGAF, FASGE. “We want people to be excited about DDW by posting what they learn online, but also respect our presenters’ research. We think this policy is a good middle ground.”

Attendees are encouraged to tweet and join the online conversation by using the official hashtag #DDW18. If a presenter allows photos and you plan to share them on social media, be sure to credit the author. The science presented at DDW is protected by copyright.

Although photos are allowed for noncommercial use in the Poster Hall and sessions when permitted by the presenter(s), video recording, live audio or video streaming, and/or recording for commercial use remain prohibited. All photography is prohibited in the Exhibit Hall.

Those who violate this policy may be removed from sessions or the DDW conference.


Photography in Session Rooms

Attendees may take photographs in session rooms (including images of the presenter and his/her slides) for personal, social or noncommercial use only if allowed by the presenter. If a slide includes a no-photos icon, it may not be photographed.

Photography in the Poster Hall

Attendees may take photographs of posters for personal, social or noncommercial use only if allowed by the presenter. If a poster board includes a no-photos icon, it may not be photographed.

DDW plans to take photographs, audio and video at DDW 2018 and reproduce them in DDW educational, news or promotional material, whether in print, electronic or other media, including the DDW website. By participating in DDW 2018, you grant the right to use your name or voice, photograph and biography for such purposes to DDW. All postings become the property of DDW. Postings may be displayed, distributed or used by DDW for any purpose.

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