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Happy Women in Medicine Month from DDW!

Every September is Women in Medicine month, making it the perfect time to learn more about how to advance the careers of women working in gastroenterology and hepatology. ICYMI, take this time to go back and rewatch some sessions from Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2023 that cover this important topic!

If you attended DDW 2023, you have access to these sessions through DDW On Demand until May 17, 2024. If you couldn’t attend, you can still purchase access.

Gastroenterology  Women’s Coalition (GWC) Women’s Leadership Program

Review strategies and tools for promoting women into leadership opportunities and learn strategies for rethinking your value in the workplace. This session also provides an overview of imposter syndrome and how it can influence perception of self-worth.

DDW Women’s Health and Liver Disease

This Combined Clinical Symposium covers GI and hepatology diseases that affect women across reproductive age. Topics include GI procedures and imaging tests that are safe in pregnancy, contraceptive methods that are affected by underlying liver disease and managing hepatic adenomas.

AGA Equity and Opportunity in Creating our New Normal in the GI Workforce

Examine structural barriers to work/life balance in the gastroenterology field that arose during the pandemic and effective advocacy strategies. Learn negotiation styles and skills to promote work/life balance in both clinical and research practices.

AGA Gastroenterology and the LGBTQ+ Community

Learn best practices for inclusive and equitable care for sexual and gender minority patients with digestive disorders, as well as how to create an affirming environment for providers, trainees and staff. This session also demonstrates how to deliver affirming digestive care to transgender patients and unique considerations for this patient population.

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