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Keep Up with the Latest Liver Updates at DDW® 2023

Now that the annual AASLD Liver Meeting® has passed, you may be thinking about the next opportunity to continue your liver education. Get the latest updates in the new year at Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2023. Whether you choose to attend in person in Chicago, IL, or online, you’ll learn about the latest advances in liver diseases and transplantation. All related education will be tagged with the Liver Diseases and Transplantation DDW Track, so you can easily identify sessions and posters of interest.

Registration and housing for DDW 2023 will open Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023, for members of AASLD, AGA, ASGE and SSAT; Wednesday, Jan. 25 for everyone else. AASLD is a co-sponsor of DDW.

Liver Abstract Categories

DDW is now accepting abstract submissions through Thursday, Dec. 1. Submit your work to receive essential feedback from your peers and shape the breakthroughs of tomorrow. View a sample of liver-related abstract categories below. For a full list of abstract categories, as well as submission guidelines and other abstract information, visit the DDW website.

Acute Liver Failure and Acute-on-Chronic Liver FailureHuman Cholestatic and Autoimmune Liver Diseases
Acute Liver Failure and Artificial Liver Support  Inflammation and Immunobiology
Alcoholic Liver Disease  Liver and Biliary Tract Carcinoma 
Biliary Physiology, Transport, Cholangiocyte Biology and Experimental Cholestasis  Liver Fibrogenesis and Non-Parenchymal Cell Biology 
Cholelithiasis and Biliary Tract Disorders  Liver Transplantation and Liver Surgery 
Diagnosis, Biomarkers, and Therapies of Viral Hepatitis  Metabolic and Genetic Liver Diseases 
Emerging Tools and Technologies in Basic Science  Molecular Mechanisms of Growth and Development of the GI Tract, Liver and Pancreas 
Epidemiology, Virology, Pathogenesis, and Natural History of Viral Hepatitis  Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases (NAFLD) and Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) 
Gut Liver Axis and Microbiome  Non-Invasive Assessment of Liver Disease 
Hepatitis B Pediatric Hepatology  
Hepatitis CPortal Hypertension and Non-Bleeding Complications of Cirrhosis: Encephalopathy, Ascites and HRS 
Hepatitis: Other InfectionsPortal Hypertension and Other Complications of Cirrhosis
Hepatobiliary Neoplasia  Telehealth: Management of Viral Hepatitis (HCV and HBV) and Complex Liver Disease 
Hepatotoxicity  Toxic and Drug Induced Liver Injury 
Vascular Liver Disease, Hemostasis and Thrombosis 


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