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Panel will explore need for surgeon leaders

At a time when the health care community is facing challenges that range from increasing administrative burdens to decreasing autonomy to reimbursement changes, many physicians are experiencing a decreased sense of purpose, leading to burnout.

During a Sunday afternoon SSAT Resident Education Panel, several thought leaders will try to help the next generation of GI surgeons decrease the risk of burnout and acquire skills to help shape the future of health care. The 90-minute session, which is sponsored by the SSAT Resident and Fellows Education Committee, is titled Surgeons as Leaders: Skin in the Game.

Jayleen Grams, MD, PhD, associate professor of surgery at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and chair of the committee, said the changing health care landscape should be seen as an opportunity.

Jayleen Grams, MD, PhD

“As surgeons, we need to be leading the way forward,” she said. “We need to be proactive in shaping the system, instead of feeling powerless to change it.”

The session’s first presenter will review various leadership styles and key traits of effective leaders.

“Leadership skills are important to everyone,” Dr. Grams said. “Whether you’re leading in the hospital or leading your life, it’s important to develop and hone those skills, which often come naturally to people who gravitate toward surgery.”

The second presenter will provide tips for developing leadership skills and will review several leadership resources. The session’s panelists will then look at specific opportunities for leadership in surgery. The panel will also provide insights on how to handle leadership challenges, specifically those facing the health care community.

“I’m excited for this discussion,” Dr. Grams said. “We have great panelists and I think it will be a valuable panel for trainees. We have to get the people who care for patients involved in influencing the decisions that affect patient care. Often as physicians, we’re so busy taking care of patients that we have a hard time finding the time to commit to leadership roles. We have to make the time and work to improve the system going forward. Getting involved is more important than ever.”

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