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AGA Speaker Spotlight: Bruce R. Bacon, MD, AGAF

Bruce R. Bacon, MD, AGAF
Bruce R. Bacon, MD, AGAF

Bruce R. Bacon, MD, AGAF
James F. King, MD, Endowed Chair in Gastroenterology, Professor of Internal Medicine, Saint Louis University, MO

Morton I. Grossman Distinguished Lectureshipon Tuesday

The Morton I. Grossman Distinguished Lecturer award recognizes outstanding research related to the discipline of gastroenterology.

Lecture Title:
“From HCV to NASH: Are More Hepatologists Needed?”

Hometown and Current Residence:
St. Louis, MO

What inspired you to enter the gastroenterology field?
Interest in liver diseases and liver pathophysiology.

Which GI innovation do you think is the most promising and why?
Development of direct-acting antiviral drugs to cure patients with hepatitis C virus.

DDW® is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What would you write on the anniversary card?
What an outstanding achievement and congrats to all.

What’s the most rewarding part of your career?
Success with patient care.

Who has helped shaped your career the most?
Anthony S. Tavill, MD, mentor in the 1980s.

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