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SSAT offering dozens of original research presentations in Quick Shot sessions

Michael G. House, MD, FACS
Michael G. House, MD, FACS

SSAT is offering a full slate of original research at DDW® across nine Quick Shot sessions. Each 90-minute session will showcase 10 to 15 unique studies — more than 100 presentations across all of the Quick Shot sessions.

“These are literally quick shots — highly focused presentations of both basic science and clinical research programs,” said SSAT Program Co-Chair Michael G. House, MD, FACS, chief of surgical oncology at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis. “Our goal is to increase the visibility of the excellent scientific research in GI surgery that’s being conducted around the world.”

During these unique sessions, each presenter has three minutes to discuss a research project and another two minutes for audience questions and discussion. While many DDW presentations include state-of-the-art lectures and multidisciplinary reviews of recent clinical studies, SSAT’s Quick Shot sessions aim to highlight novel surgical innovations and discovery, as well as cohort studies with early outcome data.

“Surgeons, in particular, are focused individuals,” Dr. House said. “When you consider that audience concentration lasts about seven minutes, we try to select abstracts that can be best summarized in the three- to five-minute Quick Shot format. Research studies that require longer explanations or discussions are slated for the plenary sessions.”

Dr. House said the Quick Shot sessions are designed to stimulate wide audience interaction on a variety of topics. “The Quick Shots allow attendees at DDW to survey and sample a huge number of original scientific and clinical topics at one time,” he said.

The Quick Shot presentations begin Saturday morning with two sessions focused on the GI tract, followed by another GI tract Quick Shot session in the afternoon. There are esophagus and gastric Quick Shot sessions planned for Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon. The Monday and Tuesday schedules feature hepato-pancreato-biliary Quick Shot sessions as well as small bowel and colorectal Quick Shots.

Please refer to the DDW Mobile App or the Program & Exhibits sections in the Saturday, Monday and Tuesday issues for the times and locations of these and other DDW events.

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